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Continuing Industry Contributions

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Time-Critical Networking Input

90- “Mobile IPv6 Protocols and High Efficiency Video Coding For Smart City IoT Applications”, CEWIT2017 Conference, Nov. 8-9-2017, Stony Brook, NY.  

89- “A Review of Wireless and Satellite-based M2M Services in Support of Smart Grids”, 1st EAI International Conference on Smart Grid Assisted Internet of Things (SGIoT 2017) July 11–13, 2017, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.  

88 – “IoT Security (IoTSec) Mechanisms For e-Health and Ambient Assisted Living Applications – A Big Data Role", The Second IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Safe, Energy-Aware, & Reliable Connected Health (SEARCH 2017) (collocated with CHASE 2017, Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems, and Engineering Technologies), July 17-19, 2017, Philadelphia, PA.  

87- “Internet Of Things (IoT)-Based Apparatus And Method For Rail Crossing Alerting Of Static Or Dynamic Rail Track Intrusions”, JRC2017-2304, Proceedings of JRC (Joint Rail Conference), April 4-7, 2017, Philadelphia, PA.  

86- Multimedia IoT Systems and Applications, Global IoT Summit, GIoTS-2017, Organized by Mandat International, IEEE IoT TsC (Transactions on Service Computing), the IoT Forum and IPv6 Forum (collocated with the IoT Week), 6-9 June 2017, Geneva, Switzerland.  (With B. Occhiogrosso et al).   

85- "IoT Security (IoTSec) Considerations, Requirements, and Architectures", 2017 14th IEEE Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC), 8-11 January 2017 in Las Vegas, NV, USA. IEEE catalog number: CFP17CCN-CDR, ISBN:978-1-5090-6195-2, ISSN: 2331-9860. (et al) 

84- Addressing Cybersecurity Risks, NJ SBDC Cybersecurity Conference at TCNJ, Ewing Township, NJ, April 20, 2015.  

83- Chair, Media Forum, IEEE Globecom, Miami, December 2010.  Deploying the Infrastructure to Deliver Evolving Next-Generation TV and Video Services.

82- Technical Conference Program Chair, IEEE Enterprise Networking (ENTNET) 2009.  Honolulu, HW, Dec. 2, 2009.  Develop & deliver entire technical content for IEEE conference spanning an 3-session 1-day program.  Conference focuses on institutional networking.  Additionally, presentation on Green Networks.

81- Technical Conference Program Chair, IEEE Enterprise Networking (ENTNET) 2008.  New Orleans, LO, Dec. 3, 2008.  Develop & deliver entire technical content for IEEE conference spanning an 3-session 1-day program.  Conference focuses on institutional networking.  Additionally, Chair a session on Enterprise Architecture.

80- Technical Conference Program Chair, IEEE Enterprise Networking (ENTNET).  Develop & deliver entire technical content for IEEE conference spanning an 8-session 2-day program.  Conference focuses on institutional networking, including wireless and video services.  Washington, D.C.,11/2007.

79- IPTV: Tomorrow’s Services Here Today, IEEE Enterprise Networking (ENTNET), Vancouver, BC, 9/2006.

78- Session Chair and Conference Tutorial Organizer, IEEE Enterprise Networking (ENTNET).  Develop & organize tutorial content for IEEE conference (4 tutorials).  Also make presentation: Enterprise Architecture Planning, Wireless, and Grid Computing.  Vancouver, BC, 9/2006.

77- Session Chair & Conference Organizer, Supercomm.  Also make presentation: Next-generation Extranets, Chicago, Ill, 6/2005.

76- Session Chair and Conference Organizer, Supercomm.  Also make presentation: Networking and State of the Art Data Centers.  Chicago, Ill, 6/2004.

75- Gigabit-Ethernet-based Services In Metropolitan Environments, Web Week 2001 – Telecom, New Brunswick, October 2001.

74- Building Gigabit-Ethernet–based Carriers, Deploying GbE and 10 GbE in the MAN and WAN, Institute For International Research, Dallas, TX, June 2001.

73- Examining the Current Status of IP Routing, Next Generation Switching and Routing: Building a Faster Core for your Network, Atlanta, GA, June 2000.

72- Voice Over IP Status; ICM, VoiceNet 2000,  Dallas, Tx., April 2000.

71- Data Technology Deployments for Which High-end Testers are Needed, HP Industry Advisory Council Meeting, Colorado Springs, Sept. 1999.

70- Developing E-commerce Applications; UNISYS User Group, New York, September 1999.

69- VoIP: A Status Roundtable; ICM Broadband Networking Conference, Chicago, Il.., August 1999.

68- Java-Approaches to VoIP; Institute For International Research Conference, Wash, D.C., May, 1999.

67- The Future of the Internet: Where to Use Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, and Packet Over SONET; Advanced Internet Protocols Conference, San Diego, Feb. 23-24, 1999.

66- Integrating Circuit and Packet Switching: Achieving QOS in Public IP Networks; Institute for International Research, Orlando, Dec. 1998.

65- High-Speed Internet Access with ADSL; Fall Condex, Miami Beach, September 1998.

64- Internetworking Roundtable: Vendor Support; ICM Broadband Networking Conference, Chicago, Il., August 1998.

63- Architectures for Voice over Data Networks; ICM Broadband Networking Conference, Chicago, Il., August 1998.

62- Quality of Service Roundtable: Vendor Support; ICM Broadband Networking Conference, Chicago, Il., August 1998.

61- Designing ATM and IP Backbones; Interop 1998, Las Vegas, Ne., May 1998.

60- Quality of Service Considerations in IP and ATM Networks; ICM Broadband Networking Conference, Miami, Fl., April 1998.

59- QOS-Enabled Communications; 2nd Texas A&M Symposium on Communications, Austin, Tx., February 1998.

58- Carrier's Roles in Making ATM Real; 1997 Broadband Networking Symposium, Wash, D.C.,  Nov. 1997.

57- Selecting a Carrier for High-end ATM Services; International Engineering Symposium, Chicago, Ill. August 1997.

56- Selection of Carrier Class ATM and Frame Relay Switches; Annual ECI Telecom Technical & Planning Symposium, Wash. DC., July 1997.

55- IP Switching, Tag Switching, MPOA, MPLS; Nordex Wall Street Seminar, NYC, June 1997.

54- Carrier's Challenges in ATM Delivery; 1997 Comdex, Atlanta, GA, June 1997.

53- High-performance Networking via IP-switching; Baltimore ITEC Expo, May 1997.

52- Making Broadband Services Real; 1997 Interop, Las Vegas, Ne, May 1997.

51- Convergence of Networking Technologies; 1997 Conference on Emerging Technologies, Nashville, Te., Jan 1997.

50- Voice Over ATM, Making it a Reality; 1996 Integrated OSS For ATM Broadband Technologies, Orlando, Fla, Dec 1996.

49- ATM in Supercomputing Environments; Supercomputing 1996, Pittsburgh, PA, Nov. 1996.

48- Keynote Speech: Network Issues in Convergence; IEEE Convergence of Networks and Services, NYC, Nov. 1996.

47- ATM and Broadband; 1996 First Annual Telecommunications Conference, Austin, TX, October 1996.

46- Emerging Technology & High Speed Data Networking; TCG Industry Seminar, Chicago, Ill., Sept 1996.

45- ATM-based Telemedicine Applications; 1996 Global Telemedicine and Federal Technologies, Williamsburg, VA, July 1996.

44- Voice, Video, and Multimedia over ATM; CMA Spring Session, June 1996, NYC.

43- Emerging Technology & High Speed Data Networking; TCG Industry Seminar, Boston, Mass, April 11, 1996.

42- Tutorial on ATM LANE and Classical IP Over ATM; CMA Winter Session, Feb. 1996, NYC.

41- An ATM Tutorial; 1995 Broadband And Multimedia Comforum, Miami, December 1995.

40- Outsourcing Telecommunication Functions to Carriers; Systems Support Expo, San Francisco, October 1995.

39- ATM: Carriers' Challenges in Supporting Fastpacket and ATM Services; Interop 1995, Atlanta, September 1995.

38- ATM: Opportunities for End-users; CMA Show, New York, NY, September 1995.

37- Outsourcing Communications in the Health Care Industry, Conference on Outsourcing Support Services in Hospitals, Chicago, July 1995.

36- Next Generation LANs; TechCon/NeoCon, Chicago, Ill., June 1995.

35- ATM: A Status Review; TechCon/NeoCon, Chicago, Ill., June 1995.

34- An Overview of ATM; Nortel's Forum, Toronto, Canada, June 1995.

33- Analyzing Outsourcing Strategies; Developing an Outsourcing Strategy Conference, Monterey, CA, May 1995.

32- Designing End-to-End Networks for New Multimedia Applications; ICA, Portland, Or., April 1995.

31- ATM Opportunities For The Futures Industry; Futures Industry Association Meeting, New York, April 1995.

30- Service Level Agreements for Outsourced Networks; The Information Technology Outsourcing Institute, New York, February 1995.

29- Video Dialtone And Digital Video over ATM; Mt. Jade Science & Technology, Newark, NJ, December 1994.

28- Designing Corporate Networks To Carry Multimedia; ICA Summer Program, University Of Colorado, Boulder, Co, 1994.

27- Support Of Corporate Multimedia Over ATM; United Technologies Engineering Coordination Activities Eng.Ops. Subcom. For Computer Maintenance, Springfield, Mass, April 1994.

26- ATM: A Status Review; Central New York Communications Association, Syracuse, NY,  Spring 1994.

25- Network Design Tools For Fastpacket And ATM; Comnet, Washington, DC, 1993.

24- ATM-Based LANs; Texpro (Pacific Bell Technology Fair), San Francisco, 1993.

23- Third Generation LANs; Unix Expo, New York, NY 1992.

22- Is Channel Switching A Service Which Users Might Want To Utilize? Yes.; The 10th North American ISDN User Forum, November 5-8, 1990, Gaitherburg, MD.

21- Performance Issues For Intelligent Data Networks; ORSA/TIMS Conference, Las Vegas, Nv, 1990.

20- The Ageo Transform With Applications To Data Communications; 1st ORSA Telecom SIG Conference, Boca Raton, Florida, March 1990

19- Application Of OSI/FTAM To Operating Telephone Companies Operations Systems Network; 1988 Enterprise Networking Event, Baltimore, Md

18- The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Data Communications; Bellcore Artificial Intelligence Symposium, Asbury Park, NJ, 1988

17- Planning Operations Support Networks For The 1990's; International Communications Conference, Philadelphia, Pa, 1988

16- Networks Of The 1990's;University's Of Utah Fourth Annual Management Information Systems Seminar, Salt Lake City, 1988

15- Transitioning To An ISDN-Based Plant - A Datacom Perspective; Computer Networking Symposium, Washington, D.C., 1988

14- Use of Carrier Services in Support of Disaster Recovery; Interface 1986; Atlanta, Ga.

13- Aloha Channels Throughput Degradation; Computer Networking Symposium, Washington, D.C., 1986.

12- A Stochastic Automata Approach To Computer Music; 1981 Internat. Elect./Electron. Conference.

11- Local Network Design Strategies For Fax on Packet (Faxpak); International Communication Conference, 1980, Seattle, Wa.

10- A Taxanomy And Comparison Of Random Access Protocols For Computer Networks; Networks 80 Conference.

09- Virtual Terminals In A Computer Communications Environment; INTELCOM 80 Conference.

08- Packet Length Considerations In Carrier Sense Multiple Access Packet Radio Systems; INTELCOM 80 Conference.

07- Mersenne Numbers Rooted On 3 For Number Theoretic Transforms; IEEE International Conf. On Acoust., Speech And Signal Processing, 1980. 

06- Some Design Parameters For PCM Based Packet Voice Communication; International Electrical/Electronics Conference, 1979.

05- Satellite On-Board Processing Of Packetized Voice;International Communication Conference, 1979.

04- Exact Solution For The Initialization Time Of Packet Radio Networks With Two Station Buffers; NCC Conference, New York, 1979.

03- Mixed Classes Of Traffic Obeying Different Queueing Rules With Reference To Integrated Packet Switched Networks; IEEE Can. Conf. on Comm. and Power, Ottawa, 1978.

02- On Connectivity In Mobile Packet Radio Networks;28th IEEE Vehicular Technology, Denver, CO, 1978.

01- General Geometric Arrival, Constant Server Queueing Problem With Applications To Packetized Voice; International Communication Conference, 1978.

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