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Leading-Edge Network and Computing Strategies
for Enterprises, Service Providers, and Institutions
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Daniel Minoli



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Get sound, forward-looking technical guidance for your organization
from the authority who, based on extensive hands-on work at service providers, carriers, enterprises, VC-operations, academia, and expert witnessing published the:
- First-ever textbook on VoIP (4/1998)
- First-ever textbook on VoMPLS (4/2002)
- First-ever textbook on VoIPv6 (4/2006)
- First-ever textbook on Metro Ethernet (1/2002)
- First-ever textbook on Hotspot Networks (9/2002)
- First-ever textbook on Satellite Communications in IPv6 (1/2009)
- First-ever textbook on the Internet of Things with IPv6 (6/2013)
- First-ever textbook on Mobile Video with IPv6 (6/2012)
- First-ever textbook on Non-linear Video & TV with IPv6 (1/2012) 
- First-ever non-edited books on 3D TV (4/2010)
- First-ever textbook on IPv6 Security (12/2008)
- First-ever textbook on Green Networks (1/2010)
- First-ever textbook on Enterprise Networking (10/1992)
- First-ever textbook on Frame Relay (10/1992)
- First-ever textbook on Voice Over Frame Relay (4/1998)
- First-ever textbook on Voice Over ATM (4/1998)
- First-ever textbook on Outsourcing of Telecom (10/1994)
- First-ever textbook on IP-over-ATM (11/1996)
- First-ever textbook on Signaling (Frame/ATM)(1/1995) 
- First-ever textbook on Telecom Techn for Telecommuting (4/1995)
- First-ever textbook on Broadband Network Design (3/1993)
- First-ever textbook on (A)DSL (4/1995)
- First-ever textbook on Multimedia Communications (11/1993)
- And other leading-edge topics, such as Advances in Satellite
   Communication, Enterprise Architecture,  Network SOA,
   Wireless Sensor Networks, Distance Learning,
   Risk Management, IPTV, and DVB-H

Forward-looking technical guidance for enterprises, service providers, carriers, government agencies, academia, entrepreneurs, regulators, consultants, and venture capitalists.
----- 60 widely-distributed textbooks
       developed based on direct
       hands-on design, engineering
       and deployment work by Mr. Minoli,
       by topic ----


Security (Host & Network)


  • D. Minoli, Security Architectures (Wiley 2016 – under development)
  • D. Minoli, Developing Risk Assessment Teams (co-authored) (Wiley 2009)
  • D. Minoli, Security in an IPv6 Environment (co-authored) (Taylor and Francis, 2009)
  • D. Minoli, Minoli-Cordovana Authoritative Computer and Network Security Dictionary (co-authored) (Wiley, 2006)




  • D. Minoli, Advances in Satellite Communication (Wiley 2015)
  • D. Minoli, Mobile Video with Mobile IPv6 (Wiley 2012)
  • D. Minoli, Satellite Systems Engineering in an IPv6 Environment (Francis and Taylor 2009)
  • D. Minoli, Wireless Sensor Networks (co-authored with K. Sohraby and T. Znati) (Wiley 2007)
  • D. Minoli, Hotspot Networks: Wi-Fi for Public Access Locations (McGraw-Hill, 2002)


Intranet/Enterprise Networking


  • D. Minoli, Telecommunication Technologies Handbook, 2nd Edition (Artech House, 2003)
  • D. Minoli, MPOA: Building State-of-the Art ATM Intranets (co-authored) (Prentice-Hall/Manning, 1998)
  • D. Minoli, IP Applications with ATM (co-authored) (McGraw-Hill, 1998)
  • D. Minoli, Client/Server Applications On ATM Networks (co-authored) (Prentice-Hall/Manning, 1997)
  • D. Minoli, Planning and Managing Corporate ATM-based Networks (co-authored) (Prentice-Hall/Manning, 1997)
  • D. Minoli, LAN, LAN Emulation, and ATM (co-authored) (Artech House, 1997)
  • D. Minoli, Telecommuting (co-authored) (Artech House, 1995)
  • D. Minoli, Imaging in Corporate Environments - Technology and Communication (McGraw-Hill, 1994)
  • D. Minoli, Cell Relay Service and ATM for Corporate Environments (co-authored) (McGraw-Hill, 1994)
  • D. Minoli, First, Second, and Next Generation LANs (McGraw-Hill, 1994)
  • D. Minoli, Broadband Network Analysis and Design (Artech House, 1993)
  • D. Minoli, Enterprise Networking: Fractional T1 to SONET, Frame Relay to BISDN (Artech House, 1992)
  • D. Minoli, Telecommunication Technologies Handbook, 1st Edition (Artech House, 1991)


Corporate/Institutional Multimedia &


  • D. Minoli, Ultra HD Technology, Systems, and Deployment (Wiley 2015 – under development)
  • D. Minoli, OTT Approaches to Entertainment Video Distribution (Wiley 2015 – under development)
  • D. Minoli, Linear and Non-Linear Video and TV Applications Using IPv6 and IPv6 Multicast (Wiley 2012)
  • D. Minoli, 3D Television (3DTV) Technology, Systems, and Deployment -- Rolling out the Infrastructure for Next-Generation Entertainment (Francis and Taylor, 2010)
  • D. Minoli, 3D Television (3DTV) Content Capture, Encoding, and Transmission -- Building the Transport Infrastructure for Commercial Services (Wiley, 2010)
  • D. Minoli, IP Multicast with Applications to IPTV and Mobile DVB-H (Wiley, 2008)
  • D. Minoli, Distance Learning: Technology and Applications (Artech House, 1996)
  • D. Minoli, Video Dialtone Technology: Digital Video over ADSL, HFC, FTTC, and ATM (McGraw-Hill, 1995)
  • D. Minoli, Distributed Multimedia Through Broadband Communication Services (co-authored) (Artech House, 1994)


Service-provider Network Design


  • D. Minoli, Handbook of IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Methodologies For Institutional & Corporate Networks (co-authored) (CRC/Auerbach, 2008)
  • D. Minoli, Network Infrastructure and Architecture – Designing High-Availability Networks (co-authored) (Wiley, 2007)
  • D. Minoli, Ethernet-based Metro Area Networks – Planning and Designing the Provider Network (co-authored) (McGraw-Hill, 2002)
  • D. Minoli, Next-generation SONET-based Metro Area Networks – Planning and Designing the Provider Network (co-authored) (McGraw-Hill, 2002)
  • D. Minoli, Network Layer Switched Services (co-authored) (Wiley, 1998)
  • D. Minoli, Signaling Principles for Frame Relay and Cell Relay Services (co-authored) (Artech House, 1994)
  • D. Minoli, Expert Systems Applications in Integrated Network Management (co-authored) (Artech House, 1989)


IT, Data Center, Architecture, Outsourcing


  • D. Minoli, Designing Green Networks and Network Operations -- Reducing Enterprises’ and Carriers’ Carbon Footprint & Saving Run-the-Engine Costs With Green Networks and Data Centers (Francis and Taylor/CRC, 2010)
  • D. Minoli, Enterprise Architecture A to Z: Frameworks, Business Process Modeling, SOA, and Infrastructure Technology (Auerbach/CRC, 2008)
  • D. Minoli, A Networking-Approach to Grid Computing (Wiley, 2005)
  • D. Minoli, Analyzing Outsourcing, Reengineering Information and Communication Systems (McGraw-Hill, 1995)




  • D. Minoli, Voice Over IPv6 – Architecting the Next-generation VoIP (Elsevier, 2006)
  • D. Minoli, Delivering Voice Over IP and the Internet, 2nd Edition (co-authored) (Wiley, 2002)
  • D. Minoli, Voice Over MPLS (McGraw-Hill, 2002)
  • D. Minoli, Delivering Voice Over IP Networks, 1st Edition (co-authored) (Wiley, 1998)
  • D. Minoli, Delivering Voice over Frame Relay and ATM, (co-authored) (Wiley, 1998)


Internet / E-commerce


  • D. Minoli, Internet Architectures (co-authored) (John-Wiley, 1999)
  • D. Minoli, Web Commerce Handbook (co-authored) (McGraw-Hill, 1998)
  • D. Minoli, Internet and Intranet Engineering (McGraw-Hill, 1997)
  • D. Minoli, Building the Internet of Things with IPv6 and MIPv6 (Wiley, 2013)




  • D. Minoli, Nanotechnology Applications to Telecommunications and Networking (Wiley, 2005)


Related Topics


  • D. Minoli, The Telecommunications Handbook, K. Terplan & P. Morreale Editors, IEEE Press, 2000, Major Video Section, D. Minoli
  • D. Minoli, Technologias de Telecomunicaciones, Asociacion Hispanoamericana de Centros de Investigacion y Empresas de Telecomunicaciones, 1994, (Spanish Translation of Telecommunication Technologies Handbook)
  • D. Minoli, IP Applications with ATM, (co-authored), (Chinese Translation, 2000)
  • D. Minoli, Internet Architectures, (co-authored), Publishing House of Electronics Industry (Chinese Translation, 1999)
  • D. Minoli, Video Dialtone Technology, Publishing House of Electronics Industry (Chinese Translation, 1997)
  • D. Minoli, Planning and Managing ATM Networks, (coauthored) (Chinese Translation 1998)
  • D. Minoli, Delivering Voice Over IP and the Internet (co-authored) (Chinese Translation, 2004)
  • D. Minoli, Handbook on Information Technology in Finance, D. Seese Editor, Elsevier, 2008, Chapter on Grid/Cloud Computing

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