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Daniel Minoli has many years of technical-hands-on and managerial experience in planning, designing, deploying, and operating secure IP/IPv6-, telecom-, wireless-, satellite- and video networks for global Best-In-Class carriers and financial companies.

Roles in the past two decades have included General Manager Ground Systems Engineering at SES, the world’s largest satellite services provider, Director of Network Architecture at Capital One Financial, Chief Technology Officer at InfoPort Communication Group, and Vice President of Packet Services at Teleport Communications Group (TCG) (eventually acquired by AT&T).  He is currently Principal Consultant at DVI Communications, New York.

He has published 60 technical books, many the first book in a given technical field; he has spoken at over 90 technical conferences.  He is a reviewer for several publishers including Elsevier, Springer, IEEE, and Wiley.  He has taught (adjunct) over 75 college grad/undergrad courses at New York University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Rutgers University. 

Over 260 U.S. patents cite Mr. Minoli’s published work, documenting his expertise.  Furthermore, over 7,650 academic researchers cite his work in their own peer-reviewed publications, according to Google Scholar (see this link here for full set).

Mr. Minoli has extensive Expert Witness experience in patent- and other technology-related litigation, having written numerous reports and declarations, having been deposed, and having testified in court; he also have experience with PGRs.  He has extensive research, technical, managerial, and Intellectual Property (IP) expertise in the areas of telecommunications, networking, broadband, Internet, VoIP, video, multimedia, MPLS, IPv6, wireless/Wi-Fi, satellite, mobility, and IoT/M2M for both carrier networks and enterprise networks.

He has undertaken Intellectual Property (IP)  work related to infringement/non-infringement analysis, breach-of-contract, dispute of equipment functionality, and portfolio valuation (often with resulting depositions and testimony) in the area of packet video/IPTV, packet voice/VoIP, networking, imaging (scanned checks), IoT, and wireless.  He has undertaken twenty-one (23) such efforts since 2002 entailing one Court testimony, numerous depositions, Expert Reports, Rebuttals, and PGR Declarations.

Law firms supported include: Glenn Agre Bergman & Fuentes, Goldberg Segalla, Morrison Foerster, Offit Kurman, Kasowitz Benson Torres, McDermott Will & Emery, Gibson Dunn, Fish Richardson, Sullivan & Cromwell, DLA Piper, Abrams & Bayliss, Fox Rothschild, Bragalone, McCarthy, Cooley, Morris, Nichols, Munger, Tolles & Olson, Fulbright & Jaworski, Dimock Stratton / Smart & Biggar, Baker & McKenzie, and Schiff Hardin.  Client firms include AT&T, AT&T Wireless, Verizon Communications, Frontier Communications, Sprint, Bell Canada, Metaswitch, Broadsoft, Lawo Inc., Traeger Pellet Grills, EMC (GEE)/STM, Verint, Securus, WSOU, Marble VoIP, IQVIA (Business Intelligence firm), Lightyear, and IBM/Royal Bank Of Canada.

In the past Mr. Minoli has been responsible for (i) development, engineering, and deployment of metro Ethernet, IP/MPLS, and VoIP/VoMPLS networks, (ii) the development, engineering, and deployment of hybrid IPTV, non-linear, and, 3DTV video systems, (iii) deployments of a dozen large aperture antenna (7-13 meters) at teleports in the U.S. and abroad; (iv) deployment of satellite monitoring services worldwide (over 40 sites); and, (v) development, engineering, and deployment of IPv6-based services in the M2M/Internet of Things (IoT) area, the non-linear video area, the smartphone area, the satellite area, and the network security area.

Mr. Minoli also played a founding role in the launching of two companies through the high-tech incubator Leading Edge Networks Inc., which he ran in the early 2000s: Global Wireless Services, a provider of secure broadband hotspot mobile Internet and hotspot VoIP services; and, InfoPort Communications Group, an optical and Gigabit Ethernet metropolitan carrier supporting Data Center/SAN/channel extension and cloud network access services.

He has worked at financial firms such as AIG, Prudential Securities, Capital One Financial, and service provider firms such as Network Analysis Corporation, Bell Telephone Laboratories, ITT, Bell Communications Research (now Telcordia), AT&T, Leading Edge Networks Inc., and SES.  He is also a technical adviser of The IPv6 Institute, a certification organization for IPv6 networking technology, IPv6 global network deployment, and IPv6 security.

Minoli has done important work in security, including leading-edge work such as security in an-IPv6 environment (results documented in the first text on the topic of Security in an IPv6 Environment, Francis and Taylor, 2009, co-authored), Information Security Risk Management In Enterprise Environments (Wiley 2010, co-authored), security for IPTV systems, particularly encryption and Conditional Access (approaches documented in his text IP Multicast with Applications to IPTV and Mobile DVB-H, Wiley, 2008), and, basic security work as documented in the Minoli-Cordovana Authoritative Computer and Network Security Dictionary (Wiley, 2006, co-authored.)  See publication list further below.

He has taught as an adjunct at New York University (Information Technology Institute), Rutgers University, and graduate school at Stevens Institute of Technology (1984-2003).  He also undertook training initiatives and/or lecturing for Monmouth University, Carnegie-Mellon University, and Mercer Community College (where he developed in 2014 a 4-class Security Certification program.)

Mr. Minoli has also written columns for ComputerWorld, NetworkWorld, and Network Computing (1985-2006). Also, he was a Technology Analyst At-Large, for Gartner/DataPro (1985-2001); based on extensive hand-on work at financial firms and carriers, he tracked technologies and wrote CTO/CIO-level technical scans in the area of telephony and data systems, including topics on security, disaster recovery/business continuity, network management, LANs, WANs (ATM, IPv4, MPLS, IPv6), wireless (LANs, public hotspot, wireless sensor networks, 3G/4G, and satellite), VoIP, network design/economics, carrier networks (such as metro Ethernet and CWDM/DWDM), and e-commerce.  For several years Mr. Minoli was a Session-, Tutorial-, and overall Technical Program Chair for the IEEE ENTNET (Enterprise Networking) conference; ENTNET focused on enterprise networking requirements for large financial firms and other corporate institutions (this IEEE group has now merged and has become the IEEE Technical Committee on Information Infrastructure [TCIIN].)

Additionally, over the years he has advised Venture Capitalists for investments in a dozen high-tech companies.  He performed extensive technical, sales, and marketing analyses of high-tech firms seeking funding for a total of approximately $150M, developing multimedia, digital video, physical layer switching, VSATs, telemedicine, Java-based CTI, VoFR & VPNs, HDTV, optical chips, H.323 gateways, nanofabrication/QCL wireless, and TMN mediation. Included the following efforts: MRC: multimedia & Asynchronous Transfer Mode; NHC: Physical Layer switch; CoastCom: VSAT systems; Cifra: tele-medicine; Uniforce: Java IP-based CTI; Memotec: VoFR; Miranda: HDTV & Electronic Cinema; Lumenon: optical WDMs; Medisys: Web-based healthcare ASP; Tri-Link: H.323 VoIP gateway; Maxima: wireless free-space optics metro networks using nanofabricated QCLs (Quantum Cascade Lasers); and, ACE*COMM for TMN/IPDR (financiers/VCs: Societe’ General de Financiament de Quebec; Caisse de Depot et Placement Quebec; Les Funds De Solidarite’ Des Travailleurs).


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DVI Communications provides Expert Witness support for matters involving Intellectual Property (Patent Infringement & Validity, Trade Secrets) as well as, Product Malfunction, Breach of Contract, and Systems Forensics Analysis for technologies within the Telecom (Networking, VoIP, Data, Video & Multimedia, Satellite, Wireless, Cellular, Cable and Infrastructure), Information Technology and Electronic Security arenas. Our seasoned and trial-tested Expert Witnesses and consultants are enlisted by corporate counsel and law firms large and small. DVI experts proactively engage on behalf of Plaintiff or Defense to provide the Expert Witness expert analysis, consulting and litigation support services that our clients have relied on for over 20 years.  A representative list of leading law firms that DVI Communications has supported include: Fish & Richardson P.C, Baker Botts LLP, Cooley LLP, DLA Piper, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, McDermott Will & Emery, Morrison & Foerster, Fox Rothschild LLP, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, McKool Smith, Mintz Levin, Schiff Hardin LLP, K&L Gates amongst others.


DVI Expert Witness/Intellectual Property Services


=> Patent validity/invalidity analysis

=> Patent infringement/non-infringement assessment

=> Prior Art discovery/analysis

=> Expert report generation & testimony

=> Technology contract disputes

=> Equipment forensic assessment

DVI Technology Focus Areas


=> Voice services: VoIP, SIP, Call/ Contact Centers, Unified Communications, Voice Mail, Voice Recording and Conferencing

=> Wireless: Wi-Fi, LTE, LMR (UHF/VHF), 4G/5G, Satellite, VSATs, DTH, HTS Internet, DAS. Transmission Technology

=> Video: Multimedia, MPEG-4, IPTV, Cable Networks, DOCSIS Systems, Audio-Visual Systems

=> Carrier & Enterprise Networks: Data Communications, IP, MPLS, AIN, Carrier Ethernet, Transmission Infrastructure, Web Services, Cloud Services

=> Internet of Things, M2M, Smart Buildings, Smart Appliances, Energy Management Systems

=> Data Networks: Routers, Switches, LAN/VLANs, Smart Campuses

=> Electronic Security: Video Surveillance, Access Control and Intruder Detection

=> Cabling and Wiring Infrastructure: Inside and Outside Plant, Twisted Pair, Coax and Fiber Optic Systems

=> Data Centers: IT systems -Servers, Switches, SANs, MEP Infrastructure, Site Vulnerability Assessment for Mission – Critical Applications


DVI Monitored Cases

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Parties: CommWorks Solutions, LLC v. Extreme Networks, Inc.

Date: 12/07/2023

Case: 6:23-cv-00835

Patent: 6,832,249: Globally accessible computer network-based broadband communication system with user-controllable quality of information delivery and flow priority.  A method for providing broadband communications over a multi-layered network having a plurality of Open System Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model layers functioning therein includes monitoring at least one OSI reference model layer functioning in the multi-layered network. A quality of service event is determined whether to have occurred in the multi-layered network. The quality of service event is determined to have occurred at a layer N in the OSI reference model. Network provisioning is changed at a layer less than N in response to the quality of service event, and a signal is provided when the network provisioning at the layer less than N has been changed. A system for providing broadband communications includes a multi-layered network, a network monitor, and a network controller. The multi-layered network has a plurality of Open System Interconnection (OSI) reference model layers functioning therein. The network monitor is coupled to the multi-layered network, and the network monitor is adapted to monitor at least one OSI reference model layer functioning in the multi-layered network, determine that a quality of service event has occurred in the multi-layer network, and determine that the quality of service event occurred at a layer N in the OSI reference model. The network controller is coupled to the multi-layered network, and the network monitor is adapted to respond to the quality of service event in the multi-layered network by changing the network provisioning at a layer less than N.

Matter: Extreme accused of allegedly making, using, offering to sell, selling or importing RFC 4090 (MPLS Fast Reroute) compatible systems, devices and/or equipment such as, for example, ExtremeRouting CER 2000 Series devices (ExtremeRouting CER 2000 Series devices are multi-service carrier ethernet routers for providing broadband communications). For example, ExtremeWireless AP560 Series Access Point

Expert’s credentials needed: IP, MPLS, tunneling, routing, Wi-Fi enabled routers, access points, and gateways, cloud services, professional service.

DVI Communications has inhouse IP, MPLS, tunneling, routing, Wi-Fi enabled routers, access points, and gateways, cloud services, professional service expertise and experts.


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Parties: Aspen Networks, Inc. v. Cellco Partnership, Verizon Wireless

Parties: Aspen Networks, Inc. v. T-Mobile US, Inc. et al

Date: 12/01/2023

Case: 2:23-cv-00557

Case: 2:23-cv-00558

Patent: 8,009,554: Method for multiple link quality of service for voice and video over internet protocol. A method for achieving multiple link quality of service for video and voice calls over Internet links, or over IP links running in private networks, is described. This method applies to both the non-mobile domain (alternate paths exist in one place at the same time) as well as the mobile domain (one path is used at any one place at a given time, but the user device roams from place to place). This method can be implemented as either computer software or other digital logic (ASIC or FPGA). Using this invention, voice and video calls can be moved at will from one path to another, as many times as required during a single conversation, without breaking the RTP voice or video payload stream. The benefit is that embodiments of this invention have a significantly higher probability that a call never breaks under various conditions of quality degrade. This includes the case of link and router failures, which are treated as a special case of quality degrade in the context of voice and video.

Matter: Defendants accused of allegedly using Aspen-developed fundamental technology required to reliably switch connections from a Wi-Fi network to a cellular network and vice versa without dropping the call; Defendents allegedly used Aspen’s intellectual property without Aspen’s permission

Expert’s credentials needed: Telephony, VoIP, SPT, RTP, IP, cellular networks, LTE 4G, 5G

DVI Communications has inhouse Telephony, VoIP, SPT, RTP, IP, cellular networks, LTE 4G, 5G expertise and experts.


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Parties: Cloud Systems Holdco IP LLC v. Carrier Global Corporation - Interlogix

Date: 12/01/2023

Case: 8:23-cv-02269

Patent: 7,975,051: System and method for managing, routing, and controlling devices and inter-device connections. A system and method for managing, routing and controlling devices and inter-device connections located within an environment to manage and control the environment using a control client is presented. A user provides commands via the control client to a server that maintains a representation of the environment and the devices within the environment. The server provides commands to devices present within the environment in response to user commands and other events, including events from the environment. The commands cause the devices in the environment to adopt specific desired states thereby causing the environment and the devices within the environment to create desired connections by and between the devices and to otherwise control and effect the environment.

Matter:  Patent relates to a system and method for control and monitoring of devices and inter-device connections located within an environment using a control client.  Defendants accused of allegedly maintaining, operating, and administering systems, products, and services for enabling a method for controlling an environment that infringe.

Expert’s credentials needed: Computer science background, servers, database, application, communications, switches, IP, Ethernet

DVI Communications has inhouse Computer science background, servers, database, application, communications, switches, IP, Ethernet expertise and experts.


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Parties: IoT Innovations LLC v. Somfy Systems, Inc.

Date: 12/01/2023

Case: 9:23-cv-81528


7,246,173 Method And Apparatus For Classifying IP Data

7,165,224 Image Browsing And Downloading In Mobile Networks

7,394,798 Push-To Talk Over Ad-Hoc Networks

7,974,266 Method And Apparatus For Classifying Ip Data

7,974,260 Method Of Transmitting Time-Critical Scheduling Information Between Single Network Devices In A Wireless Network Using Slotted Point-To-Point Links.

Matter:  Defendant allegedly uses, causes to be used, sells, offers for sale, provides, supplies, or distributes its home security and control platform and systems, including Automated Home Solutions, Smart Hosts, Smart Lighting, Smart Fixtures, Smart Keypads, Smart Home, Smart Cameras, Smart Remotes, encryption technologies and its cellular and Wi-Fi capabilities, and their associated hardware and software and functionalities.

Expert’s credentials needed: IoT, smart home, Wi-Fi, IP, mobile networks, ad hoc networking, smart lighting

DVI Communications has inhouse IoT, smart home, Wi-Fi, IP, mobile networks, ad hoc networking, smart lighting expertise and experts.


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Parties: Collision Communications, Inc. v. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. et al

Date: 12/12/2023

Case: 2:23-cv-00587

Patent 6,947,505: System for parameter estimation and tracking of interfering digitally modulated signals.  In a multi-user detection system in which interfering signals are purposely allowed to exist, a parameter estimation unit is provided which utilizes signal processing for determining the channel transfer function for each received signal, including the received power, phase of the oscillator, timing offset relative to the base station clock carrier frequency offset, and number of multipaths replicas and delays for each replica, with the system providing realtime uninterrupted estimates of these parameters required by the signal separation unit.

Patent 7,463,703: Joint Symbol, Amplitude, and Rate Estimator. The system in one embodiment relates to tightly integrating parameter estimation, symbol hypothesis testing, decoding, and rate identification. The present invention provides Turbo-decoding for joint signal demodulation based on an iterative decoding solution that exploits error correction codes. The system iteratively couples an initial amplitude estimator, a symbol estimator, a bank of decoders, and a joint amplitude estimator to produce the symbol estimates

Patent 7,920,651: Joint Symbol, Amplitude, and Rate Estimator.

Patent 8,089,946: Bandwidth Efficient Wireless Network Modem. A modem that provides efficient use of wireless network bandwidth in the presence of multiuser interference and noise is disclosed. The modem design provides for compatibility with existing network hardware and protocols so that new efficient modems may be added to the network without removing installed hardware and software

Patent 7,593,492: Combinational Hybrid Turbo-MUD. A high quality real-time Turbo-Mud processing system that chooses between a high complexity multi-user detectors that results in better estimates of the bit streams and computationally low linear-based-MUD/Turbo-MUD at each MUD window in each Turbo Iteration. In one embodiment this technique optimizes both the BER and the computational complexity of the receiver by using low complexity MUDs to reduce the number of symbols that the high complexity MUDs need to process. The present invention also provides an efficient means of estimating symbols transmitted in a multi-user environment in overloaded or super-saturated.

Patent 9,814,071: Media Access Control Protocol for Multiuser Detection Enabled Ad-Hoc Wireless Communications. A method is disclosed for increasing the communication capacity of a shared ad-hoc wireless channel by using multiuser detection (MUD) to distinguish overlapping information transmitted simultaneously by a plurality of nodes. The transmitting nodes simultaneously provide parameter-estimating signals over separate, unshared, low-rate parameter channels generated using orthogonal frequencies, spread spectrum technology, or time multiplexing. Receiving nodes use these separate, non-overlapping parameter-estimating signals to estimate MUD-required signal parameters such as amplitude, phase, and frequency offset, thereby enabling use of lower complexity MUD receivers, because the parameters are not estimated in the presence of other interference. Node ID, spreading code type, and/or other information can also be transmitted over the parameter channels. Limiting the number of parameter channels can limit the maximum number of transmitting nodes. Amplitudes of parameter channel transmissions can be greater than communication channel transmissions by a known ratio. Parameter channels can be frequency-hopped for jam-resistance.

Matter: Defendant allegedly makes, uses, sells, offers for sale, and/or imports, in/into the United States, products that implement and practice Collision’s proprietary wireless technologies. Exemplary Accused Products with 4G capabilities include, but are not limited to: Galaxy Z Flip series, Galaxy S Series, Galaxy M Series. Exemplary Accused Products with 5G capabilities include, but are not limited to: Galaxy Z Fold series, Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note series, and Galaxy A series,

Expert’s credentials needed: 4G, 5G, smartphone technologies, modulation, ad hoc networking, IoT, sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smart home appliances, smart home networking.

DVI Communications has inhouse 4G, 5G, smartphone technologies, modulation, ad hoc networking, IoT, sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smart home appliances, smart home networking expertise and experts.


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Parties: Display Technologies, LLC v. Dexcom, Inc.

Parties: Display Technologies, LLC v. Sirius XM Radio Inc.

Date: 12/12/2023

Case: 2:23-cv-00589

Case: 2:23-cv-00591

Patent: 8,671,195: Digital media communication protocol. A digital media communication protocol structured to selectively transmit one or more digital media files between a media terminal and a media node via a communication link on an interactive computer network. The communication link is initiated by the media terminal, wherein the media terminal is disposed in an accessible relation to the interactive computer network. The digital media communication protocol, and in particular, the communication link, is further structured to bypass at least one security measure, such as, for example, a password, security key, and/or firewall.

Matter: Defendants sell, offers for sale, uses, or otherwise provides products (such as Dexcom G5, G6 and G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) that infringe

Expert’s credentials needed: communication protocols, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smart appliances, IoT

DVI Communications has inhouse communication protocols, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smart appliances, IoT expertise and experts.


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Parties: Universal Connectivity Technologies Inc. v. Dell Technologies Inc. et al

Date: 12/12/2023

Case: 1:23-cv-01506

Patent: 7,154,905: Method and system for nesting of communications packets.  A serial communications architecture for communicating between hosts and data store devices. The Storage Link architecture is specially adapted to support communications between multiple hosts and storage devices via a switching network, such as a storage area network. The Storage Link architecture specifies various communications techniques that can be combined to reduce the overall cost and increase the overall performance of communications. The Storage Link architecture may provide packet ordering based on packet type, dynamic segmentation of packets, asymmetric packet ordering, packet nesting, variable-sized packet headers, and use of out-of-band symbols to transmit control information as described below in more detail. The Storage Link architecture may also specify encoding techniques to optimize transitions and to ensure DC-balance.


7187307 - Method and system for encapsulation of multiple levels of communication protocol functionality within line codes

7746798 - Method and system for integrating packet type information with synchronization symbols

7856520 - Control bus for connection of electronic devices

7921231 - Discovery of electronic devices utilizing a control bus

8680712 - Power delivery over digital interaction interface for video and audio (DiiVA)

9232265 - Method, apparatus and system for transitioning an audio/video device between a source mode and a sink mode

9852103 - Bidirectional transmission of USB data using audio/video data channel

Matter: The Defendant allegedly has and continues to make, use, offer for sale, sell, and/or import certain products and services, including without limitation Dell products (laptops, desktops, monitors, and docking stations) that support DisplayPort 1.2 or later, such as the Alienware AW3423DW Monitor, Alienware Aurora Rl4 Desktop, and Inspiron 7425 Laptop, that directly infringe, literally and/or under the doctrine of equivalents, one or more claims of the patents.

Expert’s credentials needed: Communications protocols, packet networks, IP audio/video systems, computer interface hardware and protocols, peripheral’s power systems.

DVI Communications has inhouse Communications protocols, packet networks, IP audio/video systems, computer interface hardware and protocols, peripheral’s power systems expertise and experts.

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Parties: Mobile Health Innovative Solutions, LLC v. Withings S.A.

Date: 12/15/2023

Case: 2:23-cv-00610

Patent: 11,468,984: Device, method and application for establishing a current load level. The invention relates to a device, a method, a computer program product and an application for establishing a current load level of a user. The device and the method comprise a mobile terminal, which comprises at least one sensor generating signal data and a plurality of available applications for use by the user and also an evaluation unit. According to the invention, provision is made for the mobile terminal to comprise an application, which is configured as further application and establishes a plurality of biometric data in respect of the user, at least from the signal data or from available applications used by the user, and to make said data available to the evaluation unit, and for the evaluation unit to determine the current load level of the user from the biometric data.

Matter: Defendant allegedly infringed and continues to infringe one or more claims with products including, but not limited to, the ScanWatch smartwatch and the ScanWatch Horizon smartwatch

Expert’s credentials needed: Smartwatches, smartphone, operating system for a mobile terminal, sensors, GPS.

DVI Communications has inhouse smartphone and IoT devices expertise and experts.


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Parties: Speech Transcription, LLC v. Exabeam, Inc.

Date: 12/15/2023

Case: 2:23-cv-00605

Parties: Speech Transcription, LLC v. Vectra AI, Inc.

Case: 1:23-cv-01528

Patent: 8,938,799: Security protection apparatus and method for endpoint computing systems.  A unified security management system and related apparatus and methods for protecting endpoint computing systems and managing, providing, and obtaining security functions is described. Various forms of the system, apparatus and methods may be used for improved security, security provisioning, security management, and security infrastructure.

Matter: Defendant 1 allegedly sells, advertises, offers for sale, uses, or otherwise provides products, such as the Exabeam Fusion XDR, which is a threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) platform that comprises a set of technologies used for cybersecurity purposes; Defendant 2 allegedly sells, advertises, offers for sale, uses, or otherwise provides exemplary products, including at least the Vectra AI platform, which is used to detect and respond to cyber threats.

Expert’s credentials needed: Cybersecurity, endpoint security functions, password management, threat detection

DVI Communications has inhouse cybersecurity expertise and experts.

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Parties: WirelessWerx IP, LLC v. DoorDash, Inc.

Date: 12/18/2023

Case: 6:23-cv-00863

Parties: WirelessWerx IP, LLC v. GrubHub Holdings, Inc.

Case: 6:23-cv-00865

Parties: WirelessWerx IP, LLC v. Neighborfavor, Inc

Case: 6:23-cv-00866

Patent 7,317,927: Method and system to monitor persons utilizing wireless media.  A method and system of selectively communicating with a first portable device within pre-defined geographical zones is disclosed. The first portable device is associated with a geographical zone defined utilizing latitude and longitude attributes. Data representative of the geographical zone is then loaded on the first portable device. The first portable device includes a ground positioning unit receiver which allows the first portable device to receive positioning data and to determine its position in relation to the geographical zone. When the first portable device determines it is within the geographical zone, the first portable device enables communication between the first portable device and a second portable device

Matter:  Defendant 1 has allegedly encouraged or instructed others (e.g., its customers and/or the customers of its related companies), on how to use its products and services (e.g., Doordash delivery services) and related services that provide question and answer services across the Internet such as to cause infringement; Defendant 2 allegedly makes use its products and services (e.g., Grubhub delivery services) and related services that provide question and answer services across the Internet such as to cause infringement; Defendant 3 allegedly infringe

Expert’s credentials needed: Location-based services, wireless, GPS, mobility, smartphones.

DVI Communications has inhouse location-based services, wireless, GPS, mobility, smartphones expertise and experts.

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